Induline ZW-425

Induline ZW-425

Water-based, opaque sealing filler applied by spraying

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Range of Use

  • For use on wood indoors and outdoors
  • Soft and hard woods
  • Dimensionally stable wood building elements: e.g. windows and doors
  • Primer and intermediate coat
  • Should not be used on merbau or framire
  • For use by professionals

Property Profile

  • Good flow properties
  • Good surface-filling properties
  • Good pore wetting performanceExcellent protection against discolouration caused by water-soluble substances containedin the wood
  • Excellent protection against surface defects caused by substances contained in specifictypes of wood (e.g. larch)
  • Very good adhesion to the substrate
  • Zinc oxide-free
  • Flexible tinting helps to provide the ideal colour match with final coats