Induline GW-360

Induline GW-360

Translucent, water-based, base stain for application by dipping, flow coating or brushing.

For dimensionally stable building elements
For building elements with limited dimensional stability
For building elements with no dimensional stability
Brush, dipping, flow coating and Spraying in closed facilities
Drying time can be worked over after 3 min.
For further information, see Technical Data Sheet
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Range of Use

  • For dimensionally stable items such as windows and exterior doors and semi and non-stable wood such as cladding, garden buildings and external timbers not in ground contact which are either durable or have been preservative pre-treated.
  • Adhesive primer for subsequent treatment with translucent coatings or opaque finishes.

Property Profile

  • Low-build translucent base stain with excellent flow properties.
  • Quick drying with excellent wet adhesion.  
  • Good run off for even appearance.